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Hi, I’m Christina

Certified Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer in Rockwall, TX

Are you looking for a personal fitness coach who can help you increase mobility and range of motion? Don't let age become a barrier; a body in motion stays in motion. Begin your journey today, call now!

Why Mindful Body

You Be The Change In Your Life

As we get older and the hustle and bustle of life begin to take over sometimes, our health becomes an afterthought. Our bodies change and activities that were once easy, become difficult. At Mindful Body Fitness in Rockwall, TX, personal trainer Christina implements a strategy geared specifically for you. Take control of your life, be the change you desire!

I have taken private yoga classes with Christina. She gives instructions in a way that makes it easy to follow along. She adjusts the class to your level so that you can progress without struggling. She has a calming demeanor and is a joy to have as a teacher!

- Barbara

I really enjoy the personal attention I get with Christina, she has helped me work areas of my body that I haven't touched in years. I am feeling great and I owe it all to Mindful Body Fitness.

- Sammy, 37 Years Old

It had been years since I did any sort of fitness, and the idea of a big gym was intimidating. When I found Christina, I knew she had my best interest in mind, and this was the place for me.


- Martha, 53 Years Old

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